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Specialist Services

    Dental Laboratory and Dental Practises.
  •     Doctors and Doctor's Practises
  •     Property Maintenance and Property Rental.
  •     Subcontractors in the Construction Industry.
  •     Child Day Care Nurseries.
  •     Taxi Drivers.
  •     Fast Food Outlets.
  •     Garages and Second Hand Car Dealers.
  •     Clubs and Societies.
  •     Hair and Beauty Salons.
  •     Insurance Brokers
  •     in fact the list is truly diverse. We are sure that we have some experience in your industry.

    Latest News

    Gifts out of disposable income
    12/02/2019 - More...
    There is an annual Inheritance Tax exemption of £3,000 for gifts. This exemption can also be carried forward to the

    What work is covered by the CIS scheme?
    12/02/2019 - More...
    The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a set of special rules for tax and National Insurance for those working in the

    When do you pay Capital Gains Tax?
    12/02/2019 - More...
    Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is normally charged at a simple flat rate of 20% and this applies to most chargeable gains made


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